Dr. Finn and her students

Welcome to the Stanford IRIS (Intelligence through Robotic Interaction at Scale) lab website! We are interested in the capability of robots and other agents to develop broadly intelligent behavior through learning and interaction. We work on robotics and machine learning, and we are affiliated with SAIL, the ML Group, the Stanford Robotics Center, and CRFM.



5/23/2023 Evan Liu defended his thesis today!
2/28/2023 Suraj Nair defended his thesis today!
2/28/2023 Chelsea was named a 2023 Sloan Research Fellow.
10/27/2022 Annie Xie was selected as a rising star in EECS.
10/12/2022 Lecture videos of Chelsea's Fall 2021 course Deep Multi-Task & Meta Learning (CS 330) are now available on YouTube.
6/27/2022 Tony Zhao's paper What Makes Representation Learning from Videos Hard for Control? was a finalist for the best paper award at the RSS Scaling Robot Learning Workshop.
8/4/2022 Tianhe Yu defended his thesis today!
5/27/2022 Suraj Nair received the best paper award at the ICRA Scaling Robot Learning Workshop for his paper R3M: A Universal Visual Representation for Robot Manipulation.
3/1/2022 Chelsea received the IEEE RAS early academic career award in robotics and automation.
7/20/2021 Our work on meta-learning for giving feedback to students was featured in the New York Times. See the blog post and paper for more information on the work.
5/10/2021 Chelsea received the ONR young investigator award.
11/18/2020 Annie Xie received CoRL best paper award for the paper Learning Latent Representations to Influence Multi-Agent Interaction.
11/2/2020 Chelsea received the Samsung AI Researcher of the Year award.
7/18/2020 Annie Xie received a best paper award at ICML 2020 Lifelong Learning Workshop for the paper Deep Reinforcement amidst Lifelong Non-Stationarity.

Recent Talks

Robotics Focused Talk (November 2022)

Machine Learning Focused Talk (June 2022)